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Nasser Zuhour is a Food Connoisseur and Founder of Zuhour Group, UAE born 1978 The culinary entrepreneur has turned his childhood passion for food and travel into successful business ventures, and today, the Zuhour Group boasts of popular food brands including Mezza House (Levant Food), Zaroob (Levant Street Food), Sofraji catering, Wizz Burger Truck and Sababa Tent – each brand winning recognition for its innovation and salient offering.

ZAROOB, literally translates to “small alley”. It is a concept inspired by the traditional street food vendors found around the Levant region. ZAROOB captures the best and most authentic aspects of wholesome, simple cooking and brings, in its adaptation, the history of Arab street food to a modern audience. The live cooking stations, juice bar, open kitchens and diversity of decoration from the Arab world make it lively and enjoyable for diners. ZAROOB highly emphasizes on sounds and scents representing the traditional street feel of the Levant . An outside terrace provides the perfect dining space during the cooler seasons with a setting reflecting the interior and the concept.

ZAROOB was initially developed as a franchise concept through our approach to the brand’s image It provides a combination of quality food at value pricing with funky packaging and engaging atmosphere Our concept is the answer to an increasing demand for fast-casual dining concepts to cater for shopping centers visitors Our main priority is to establish one outlet I a crowded mall, preferably in one of prominent shopping centers in Dubai Our effort will later be the development of Zaroob locally and abroad through franchise and owned outlets Zaroob flagship outlet is open on Sheikh Zayed street, Dubai, UAE It can accommodate up to 1000 guests over 24 hours OUR MISSION: Spread the Levantine culture and its heritage through education and visual communication wherever we set foot. Ensure a family-like atmosphere through promoting love, friendliness, and happiness. Serve good quality of food and beverages at accessible prices to the well-traveled young and trendy individuals. Ensure consistency and develop loyal br



Zaroob, literally translates to "small alley". It is a concept which was inspired by the traditional street food vendors found around the Levant region. Zaroob captures the best and most authentic aspects of wholesome, simple cooking and brings the atmosphere of a theatrics ambiance and the history of Arab street food to a modern audience. 
The live cooking stations, open kitchens and a variety of decoration from the Arab world so that diners can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that are experienced when walking through a traditional street or market in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt. The outside terrace also provides the perfect dining space during the cooler seasons. 
Zaroob stands out from other restaurants in the area due to its eye catching unique design and interior decor. People will love to come and go because of the relaxed ambiance that Zaroob represents.

The menu appeals to a wide and varied clientele. The traditional dishes that we are offering have been taken from recipes handed down through families from one generation to the next. Oven Baked Manou'she an authentic wood fired flat bread that is served open or folded with various choices of fillings such as cheese, sumac, za'atar and meat.

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Contact Us

A. Zaroob Sheikh Zayed

Jumeirah Tower Building

Shop#1, Along Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai UAE P.O. Box 102902

Contact #: 04 327 6262

B. Zaroob Sharjah

Al Majaz Waterfront

Al Buhairah Corniche, Sharjah UAE (opposite side of Al Fardan Center)

Contact #: 052 196 5642

C. Zaroob Golden Mile

Golden Mile 1 Building #4

Galleria Mall, Dubai UAE

Contact #: 04 551 3883

D. Zaroob IBN Battuta

IBS GF-238, China Food Court

IBN Battuta Mall, Dubai UAE

Contact #: 04 8830487

E. Zaroob Marina

Building of The Radisson Blu Residence

Contact #: 04 4429493

F. Zaroob Uptown Mirdiff

Ground Flr. Food Court Uptown Mirdiff Mall

Uptown Mirdiff, Dubai UAE

Contact #: 04 339 6399

Head Office:

Toll Free No: 800-ZAROOB (927662)

Tel No. +9714 327 6060

Fax No. +9714 321 4393

Email: info@zaroob.com